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Our technology partner said in the development and use of technological solutions that enhance the performance of various departments within our business.

EDSA and Conlog have been working together for more than five years. With a presence in South Africa, South America, the Middle East, and all of Africa, Conlog is a world leader in metering solutions for utilities, municipalities, and property management firms. Conlog’s smart meters aid in Utility Management, Revenue Protection, Load Management and Demand Management with a solid focus on Big Data Analytics and Smart City Solutions.

The relationship between EDSA and ColabIT was established with the goal of managing its infrastructure requirements through services like virtualization, backup, storage, and so on. Collaborative IT Solutions’ absolute focus is to disrupt old thinking by designing new and innovative solutions alongside its clients. They identify and assess unique business challenges and provide working solutions through the power of collaboration.

The partnership between EDSA and Minsait aims at the transformation of EDSA’s business goals through innovative solutions and services. Through specialized teams that interact in a diverse manner, Minsait designs, builds, implements, and operates innovative solutions and services that drive businesses.