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Functions of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority

  • Be responsible for the supply, distribution and retail sale of electricity for the entire country except in areas which the Commission has issued a distribution licence to another appropriately qualified entity.
  • Be responsible for dispatch and system control of electricity within its territory.
  • Establish as  far as is practicable uniform standard voltages throughout its area of supply
  • Secure the supply of electricity at reasonable prices.
  • Carry on any business usually associated with electricity distribution and supply.
  • Promote and encourage the economic and efficient use of electricity, especially for domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial and manufacturing purposes.
  • Perform any other functions incidental or consequential to its functions under the 2011 Act.

Note here that EDSA shall purchase electricity from the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) subject to a power purchase agreement approved by the Commission.

 At the moment the installed generation capacity under the management of EGTC is 99.28MW, whilst available capacity is 64.28MW nationwide. Freetown, the capital city enjoys about 87.9% of the total available capacity

Conserving Energy

DemoEnergy conservation is important both for EDSA Power & customers.

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