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About US

  • The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2011 as part of the reforms in the Energy Sector.
  • The defunct National Power Authority (NPA) was unbundled into two entities, the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) and the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC), followed by the formation of a Regulator, the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC).
  • Key amongst the duties and responsibilities of EDSA, is to purchase electricity from the EGTC and Independent Power Producers (IPPs like KARPOWERSHIP, EMCO & TRANSCO CLSG) subject to a Power Purchase Agreement approval by the Commission/GoSL.
  • EDSA is the principal offtaker to distribute electricity and collect revenue from the sales of electricity.
  • With over 800 employees, EDSA is undergoing complete restructuring in its organization structure that will be entered on customer satisfaction and have a comprehensive vision of the entire business value chains with the Distribution Technical Services and Commercial Services, as the core of the business.
  • The advancement of staff and indeed their livelihood depends upon the success of the Authority which must look to its staff to manifest loyalty and devotion and to maintain a high degree of competence and hard work.
  • The Authority in turn is concerned with well-being and security of its entire staff.

VISION and MISSION Statements

Vision Statement

To effectively manage a modern electricity distribution and supply network that is safe, affordable, sustainable and competitive for domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

Mission Statement

To develop a modern and efficient national electricity distribution infrastructure that would meet the energy requirement for industrial and domestic customers through upgrading and expansion of prepaid metering systems and training of the staff for effective utility management and skilled maintenance of the national distribution and supply network.

Our Core Values

  • Customer is the King
  • Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Collaboration, Credibility



  • FREETOWN [76MW] Hydro & Thermal Plants

Mission Statement

  • MAKENI [3MW] Thermal Plant
  • LUNGI [6MW] Thermal Plant
  • LUNSAR [1MW] Thermal Plant
  • MAGBURAKA [1MW] Thermal Plant
  • PORTLOKO [2.5MW] Hydro & Thermal Plant
  • BUMBUNA TOWN [0.25MW] Hydro
  • MAKALI [0.120MW] Hydro

Our Core Values

  • BO [6MW] Thermal Plant
  • KENEMA [6MW] Hydro Power Plant
  • KONO [8MW ] Thermal Plant

Our Location and where to Find EDSA

Electricity House  

35A Siaka Stevens Street ,Freetown



Falcon Bridge


Blackhall Road 


Kington Power Station   


Freetown 161 

Regent Station                                             

SLBC  Station Road

Opposite Choithrams’ Supermarket-Freetown Waterloo Highway

Back of Central Mosque

Around the Market

Blackhall Road

Crab Town

EGTC Compound 

Spring Water Compound

King tom 

Opposite American Embassy


Overview & Location of EDSA

Congo Cross Substation


Congo Cross

NP Filling Station






Port Loko


1-Hospital Road ,Bo

1 Show Avenue

Airport Ferry Road

Old Makeni Road

Keister Street

10 Water Works



Governance Structure

  •  Board – operates at the highest level
  • Senior Management Team –comprising The Director General and Heads of Departments
  • Leadership Team – Business Leaders that support Senior Management in the day-to-day running of the business.
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Our Leadership Team

Abu Kamara

Director General

Ing James Rogers

Deputy Director General Technical Services

Fofi Baimba

Deputy Director General Commercial

Mustapha Sannoh

Chief Finance Officer

Peter Kamuray

Human Resource & Admin Manager

Abdul Aziz Sowe

Ag. Commercial Services Director

Ing Chernoh Jalloh

Director- Distribution & Technical Services

Ing Mallay Bangura

Commercial Manager

Ing Unisa Samura

Manager –Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Ing. Edrick Saidu

Corporate Planning & Service Delivery Manager

Daniel Carpenter

Head of ICT(Contract )

James Maada Kpaka

Legal Advisor

Joseph Kamara

Ag .Internal Auditor

Sahr Nepor

Communications & Community Relations Manager

Paul Mauna

Logistics Manager

Ing. Mohamed Fofanah

Procurement Manager
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