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  • Key Performance Indicators

    Introduction of Key Performance Indicators which serves as a measure of the performances of every Department and Section in the Organization.

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    Introduction of one-stop-shop for getting electricity and to facilitate meter installation.

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  • Abstracting electricity

    Illegal abstraction of electricity is being minimized by the Technical Audit Section in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Police...

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    5MW for Bo and Kenema

    We are proud to announce the next milestone: Signed contract with US Diversified on IPP for provision of 5MW in Bo and Kenema.

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  • Capacity building of staff

    Local and overseas training in technical skills development and practical hands-on knowledge have been provided for technical staff in EDSA.

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    Purchasing of additional Vehicles

    Purchasing of additional three utility vehicles to perform demanding tasks with ease, allowing our staffs to complete tasks efficiently and safely.

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New Connections

A customer requiring electricity supply from EDSA will be required to submit the following documents together with the completed...

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Billing & Payments

DemoCustomers nationwide can now recharge through aggregators. Bills can also be paid at the designated banks nationwide.

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Metering Process

DemoWe will provide, install & maintain a meter which will measure and record the amount of electricity supplied or energy consumed...

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Conserving Energy

DemoEnergy conservation is important both for EDSA Power & customers.

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