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Energy Sector Utility Reform Project Additional Financing (P154439). Resettlement Policy Framework

The Additional Financing (AF – P155439) to the Energy Sector Utility Reform Project (P120304) will be focused on activities to reduce commercial and technical losses, and the implementation of transparent customer management to improve revenue collection.

The proposed AF will support EDSA in the implementation of: (i) a revenue protection program (RPP) to reduce commercial losses, including installment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), installation of low voltage feeder bulk meters and creation of a metering control center to optimize the systematic use of the information provided by the metering systems; (ii) maintenance works to improve the reliability and security of the Freetown network, and augmentation of the current evacuation capacity of the network to reduce technical losses and enable delivery of additional power to consumers; and (iii) capacity building and project management support to enhance EDSA’s implementation capacity. Project beneficiaries will be the electricity customers of EDSA, who will benefit from the Project through improved and more reliable electricity service.

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